Furniture restoration


Perhaps you owned furnishings are beautiful , but the time they have left their mark and are caused by various defects. Maybe you feel that you can not do anything about it and the time to get rid of the beloved chair , table or chest of drawers . But hurry , because my time has seemingly retired piece of furniture are likely to further restore and it will serve you for a long time .

Restoration is to restore the basic philosophy of making the most of the furniture and leaving the unspoilt and repair damaged or renewal of the production of new parts missing

Often people try to atrestaurēt the same piece of furniture or looking for cheaper trainers for restoration cost as cheap as possible . However, furniture restoration is a delicate and painstaking process that requires a great knowledge of the materials and furniture as they were made ​​in the past and how best to restore and maintain .

Our master knowledge , patience and care will return your furniture a great view, using the technology and the knowledge used in the past, as far as possible by merging them with the new technology will be used for furniture restoration .

The company “MPS REST ART ” offers furniture restoration and furniture repair. Our restoration work services include:

  • furniture cleaning ;
  • old paint , paint removal ;
  • filling , sanding , staining ;
  • casing and compound bonding;
  • veneer repair, parts pārfinierēšana ;
  • reconstruction of missing parts and production (including carving ) ;
  • surface preparation , priming , impregnating rot ;
  • finishing works ( lubrication, waxing , varnishing , painting, patination ) ;
  • papering works ;
  • furniture cabinet repair.

Particular attention is paid to working with antique furniture , to regain their former magic , which often require the missing or damaged parts made ​​from scratch , as well as focus and be able to work with earlier technologies used in the manufacture of furniture .

Selecting an array of precious historical styles original furniture for your bedroom, kitchen and living room you choose centuries of proven value !