About Us


MPS REST ART” is a multifunctional company engaged in the manufacture of furniture and restoration , as well as any other type of wood works. Our technicians are certified professionals in Europe with very high skills and knowledge in a practical way, in theory , have worked in the furniture manufacturing orders for such brands as Patrick Hellmann Collection and are able to provide you with our services at the highest quality. We are able to design and fabricate the most difficult complex cases , cut luxurious wood carvings , intarsia work or to assemble beautiful wood veneers .

We can book the luxurious furnishings and simple furniture to individual requests and ideas. With you create exactly what you fit and enjoy. Our experts will be happy to advise you in today’s modern trends , as well as classic style furniture and design issues in the field .

We also offer restoration your furniture, returning them a second life and allowing its value to the years just to climb and to gladden your heart as well as your future generations hearts.

MPS REST ART ” offers you the following services:

  • Manufacturing of furniture ;
  • Furniture restoration ;
  • Carving of various wooden products and components manufacturing ;
  • Souvenirs and design objects making.